Defense Table

AC = Dex Bonus + Equipment Bonus + Permanent Enchantment Bonus

Cloth Shirt +1
Leather Shirt +2
Reinforced/studded Leather/Hide +3
Spellwoven robes or plain clothes +3

Chain-mail +4
Scale mail + 4

Ceramic Scale mail + 5

Half Plate +6
Full Plate +7

Basic Accessories
Bracers +1
Greaves +1
Ring or Circlet of Protection (various strengths, most specialist artisans only sell up to + 2, +3 is very rare)

Common Equipment
Pouch Belt
Oilskin bag (waterproof)
Enchanted elemental or spell protection tickets (necklaces, talismans)
Lockpicks (from black market)
Oil (flammable, slippery)
Health Tonics
Disease cures (from apothecaries, true doctors are very expensive)
Single use spell slips (very common, but range in price depending on the spell)
Healing spell slip book (Like bulk buying healing slips, a first aid kit)
Spell patches (they must adhere to their target to work, so are touch range only)
Poisons (from black market but some can be bought as medicine if you know what you’re doing)
Books (from booksellers and tinkers, give bonuses to specialist subjects, must be kept dry)
Kelp Putty (can be molded into any shape and become solid for 5 minutes, sold by the gram)
Wands (Expensive, specialist suppliers only, need to channel latent magical energy)

Enchantments are bought as a permanent addition to an item from specialists, prices vary wildly but they are always expensive
Elemental Resistance (specific)
Disease Resistance (specific is cheaper, more general resistance is extremely expensive)
Spell Focus (Gives a bonus to hit with spells)
Defence Enchantments (vary in strength and price)

Defense Table

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