Elli's Character


Race: Kitsune
Class: Spellsword
Weapon of choice: Katana, spells


Hailing from the lands of his ancestors, on a journey of self discovery, Knightfox steps forth with a heavy heart and a dark past. Taught the ways of the forest, his natural gift for healing blossomed at an early age, able to seal wounds and clear maladies by his early teens. With the guidance of his father, and the love of his mother, his skills grew. By his eighteenth birthday his reputation as a talented healer had spread throughout the local villages, and many travelled great distances to seek his aid.

His days grew cold and lonely the winter of that year however, when his father fell ill with a mysterious disease, refusing his every effort to release his father from it’s deadly grip. His passing threw a shadow over Knight’s life, and when his village was attacked and his mother killed by a band of mercenaries while he visited another village to aid them with his powers, he felt as if there were nothing left to live for.

Packing a small day sack, he left his homeland, and ventured into the wilds, searching for something, anything to hold onto. Feeling powerless in his inability to protect his family, he sought out a sword master to teach him the way of the blade. For years he studied, his body learning new forms and strengths, and when his master had taught him all he could, he was presented with a silver ghost of a blade. A katana so light and balanced it was like passing a reed through the air, the keenness of it’s edge tempered only by the strength in it’s hilt.

Blade on his back, his older years growing on him, flecks of white pushing through into the red and orange of his fur, he set forth with new purpose, seeking to aid those he could with sword or with sorcery.


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