Fisslip Aroka

Ian's Character


As silver tongued as the rest of the Savrakin, Fisslip is a keen negotiator and master of misdirection. He has an obsessive, almost religious eye for a bargain, unable to resist what he considers a good deal since any of of them may make or break his fortune.
An avid devotee of the Two Faced God Tyches gambling has always been a part of his life. So much so that he governs his life by the ebb and flow of fate. Sometimes he wonders if he even has an affect on the luck of those around him.


The Aroka are a powerful family, with a reputation for being able to get hold of anything, even in these wartorn times.
Stationed in Amaranth Fisslip has been sent to use his charm and wit to procure black market goods whenever the family has a buyer, while his elder brother sits fat and happy striking trade agreements in the warm winds of the Archipelago. He isn’t bitter, he is sure the Gentleman had a hand in that is all, and its just that this dry desert air does dull his scales so.

Fisslip Aroka

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