Cassandra (Cas)

Honey's Character


Race: Human
Class: Spellcaster
Weapon of Choice: Spells

Cas is smart, resourceful, and very inquisitive. She always wants to learn, especially about different magical races, so that some day she might be able to figure out why she has the powers she does.


She thought she was a normal human girl until strange things started happening around her shortly after her thirteenth birthday. Wild animals approaching her, investigating her instead of darting away. Fresh, sweet berries suddenly found on dead plants. Water burbling out of the ground nearby when she was thirsty in the woods.

It was the fire that caused her family to realize Cas was a throwback to the rumored magical blood in the family ancestry. A spark had jumped from the fireplace to the weaving that had been left carelessly close to the hearth while the family slept. The weaving should have allowed the deadly flame passage to the rest of the home, but as Cas lay dreaming of heat and burning smothered in cool, white snow, the fire consumed the weaving and nothing else. When the family awoke to find the smoldering remains surrounded by no other damage, Cas’s dream alone provided an explanation.

Despite Cas’s repeated inquiries, no one in her family could remember what sort of magical creature was rumored to have contributed to her bloodline. Either that, or no one would admit it. Magic was deeply mistrusted, feared even, in the village where Cas grew up. If her family had any knowledge of a magical influence in the bloodline, they would be shunned, expelled, or worse.

A few years later, tired of being unable to explore her abilities without fear of discovery, Cas ran away to the city some two weeks’ journey away. Somehow – maybe it was the dreams, or maybe it was the whispers in the wind – she knew that in the city, she would find someone who could help her learn about her past, practice in her present, and discover her future.

Cas studied magic and magical history with her mentor (a scholar from the University) for over two years, and in those two years they made absolutely no progress in figuring out what type of magic ran through Cas’s veins. They did learn, however, that while Cas tended to be powerful, she also tended to be unreliable. Years of secrecy and fear had left Cas unable to call upon her magic as readily as she would have liked, especially in high-stress situation. With practice, however, she was improving.

Cassandra (Cas)

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