Benedict Adoril

Bear's Character


Son of Lord Adoril the first of his Name

Race: Human,
Class: Warrior/Barbarian
Weapon of Choice: Two handed axe

Aspect Machiavellian Mobster


Megalomaniacal, Machiavellian monster, that’s what he called me. In other words, ruthlessly greedy._

I had always had one goal in life. Always knew where I was going and exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up and became a man of my own. I didn’t want to be like my pacifist father, no, he was much too soft. Trader by day, nobleman at night, he would be invited to the most lavish Bacchanals of the town, but that was not what I wanted with my life. No, I wanted to lead, to have real power, the ability to command and to take and destroy anything and anyone who so much as dared to look at me the wrong way. Nothing would ever stop me from achieving this, nothing! And yet, I was the perfect child, always courteous, always willing to go the extra mile to gain favor.

Once I grew older I took every opportunity to make myself a better man, fighter, tradesman, nobleman, because you do not get very far with just raw power, although that would be my ultimate goal. I squired to be a better fighter and a better candidate to join the guards, as the old real way to advance in the military without putting yourself in the frontlines like some cannon-fodder- grunt, was to become part of the Town Guard. It didn’t take very long before the higher ranking officers noticed that I was a fine young man the power and wealth of my father undoubtedly had a hand in that. They asked me what I wanted to do with my life, and I told them I wanted to be guard Captain. They smiled at me, but I knew they thought I was much too much of a nobleman’s child to have any kind of grit, but I got in, I was elated. Proud of myself and my father even congratulated me, even though he never really supported my career choice.

The next two years was spent as a guardsmen before I was promoted to captain of the town guard. I was a shining beacon of law in the city. My armor and weapon made anyone cower in fear, heavy full-plate of steel (7), Large two handed battle-axe (d10), underneath I wear a reinforced shirt and leather shinguards (2), and an amulet(+1) I had been handed down by my father. This came as a very big surprise to me as he had never mentioned any kind of military lineage in our family, but apparently one of my grandfathers was a high ranking general in the army, and known for his resilience, something I’m sure must have affected the amulet as it always felt as if you somehow got tougher wearing it, or maybe it was just because the crest on it was gruesomely beautiful. A spear piercing a dragon’s head.

Now, I of course deny, and absolutely find the notion ridiculous that I would employ guardsmen to eliminate competition, that’s simply silly. However, when I was finally up for my next promotion out of the guard, making the switch to the military and becoming a lieutenant, I was arrested.

Traitors… Apparently, one of guardsmen thought I was doing something reprehensible by paying him to… Well, I didn’t tell him what to do, I just said that I’d rather not see a certain person’s face anymore… For him to go as far as accusing me of paying people to stab men in the back… How dare he. Needless to say, I didn’t spend a long time in jail because he died, due to some unforeseen complications with a knife in his chest, but the humiliation of having my title, power, and land stripped from me, having friends and associates turn tail and renounce their loyalty to me was too much.

I used whatever remaining friends and funds to create a new beginning for me. A new life if you so wish to call it, without a doubt a better one. There are no rules here, well, unless the Master of a certain district says that there is. In some ways the competition is harder, but here, no one will blame you for doing the right thing, and taking out your competition. Needless to say, I’m not longer with the morons who believe that society needs to have protectors and some kind of guard to protect them, no, I make my own protection. And I’m sure you know, but people usually come to me if they need help acquiring things that are harder to come by, also, everyone needs to relax once in awhile, and drugs can’t be that bad, can they?

Benedict Adoril

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